The ComeUp Club

Home»Introducing was developed by the notorious artist and producer LexLuger and his label TMOG with the goal to discover, develop and assist new talent in the game. As a successful artist, Lex knows the challenges of making it in the industry. Before becoming a multi award winning producer, Lex faced every obstacle imaginable. He recognized that a lot of talent becomes lost in the struggle, and he knew this was an injustice to the game.

Through Lex and his team of music professionals set out to give assistance to those artists on the come up. They use their experience and network to bridge the gap between young talent and opportunity. As a member of the program you get the chance to build your skills by interacting with Lex’s label and other artists. When your music is ready, it will be promoted and submitted for various opportunities such as label signings, album placements, licensing deals and more. And if you got what it takes, you will have the chance to work directly with LexLuger himself.

Got what it takes?

Join and start taking your career to the next level.